Our Process

Phone Consultation/ Pre Screening

LASIK Phone ScreeningDuring our initial phone call, we’ll first answer any questions you have then collect some very basic and simple information from you that will help us determine if you meet the criteria for laser vision correction. Some of the questions we review with you is your vision history; if you are currently wearing contact lenses, if so, what kind? Patients who wear contact lenses have to be out of them for a certain amount of time before their LASIK consultation and/or procedure. This is very important as it allows your cornea to go back to its natural shape which is crucial during your consultation for a successful outcome. Other questions we ask pertain to if you have ever had any eye injuries/surgeries; problems with dry eyes; or any autoimmune diseases.

At this point if we feel you could be a good LASIK candidate, we’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you for a FREE Consultation. From there, you will receive our Welcome Packet and your LASIK experience begins!

LASIK Consultation

free-topeka-lasik-consultationAfter we get to know you and your particular situation, we’ll start a series of tests. The first test performed is with our WaveScan technology. Not all facilities have this technology and it’s something that Topeka LASIK Center takes pride in owning. This technology allows us to get a blueprint of all your eyes imperfections. Until now, eye doctors were forced to practice one-size-fits-all vision. An off-the-shelf lens can correct your vision fairly well, but it does not correct it precisely. Now, with WaveScan technology, our doctor can customize a correction for the unique characteristics of your vision.

The second test is a topography showing the curvature of your cornea. Unlike other topography systems, Topeka LASIK Center invested in the Orbscan II to be able to collect more precise and accurate data for our doctors to ensure great results for our patients. For LASIK patients with astigmatism, the Orbscan II shows us exactly where your astigmatism lays. It also helps rule out any contraindications for treatment.

The third test is a mapping of your cornea’s thickness to ensure there is enough cornea for treatment.

Lastly, you will receive the most thorough dilated eye exam you have ever received. We do dilate the eyes so we are able to ensure the back of your eyes are healthy as well. Most patients feel comfortable driving after their consultation but if being dilated is a concern to you then we recommend that you bring someone with you.

By the end of the consultation, we are able to fully determine your candidacy and will discuss your options. You will meet with one of our counselors who will go over pricing, payment options, and answer any remaining questions you have. If you would like to proceed in having laser vision correction your counselor will get you scheduled and go over your post op kit, paperwork, and instructions.

Day Of Procedure

On the day of your procedure, you will need a driver to come with you and expect to be at Topeka LASIK Center for approximately an hour. When you arrive, we will check you in and take you back to your suite where you can relax. Your counselor will review and collect your paperwork (consent forms), collect payment, and get you prepped for your procedure. Then your surgeon, Dr. F, will come in and go over the procedure one last time and answer any remaining questions you have.

The Procedure

A member of our team will accompany you into our laser suite and start getting you ready for your treatment. The first thing we do is get you situated ensuring you are comfortable and feel relaxed. We then completely numb the eye making this a painless procedure. Majority of patients feel no pain just mild pressure.

The first step is creating a flap allowing us access to the part of the cornea that needs reshaped. To do this we must use technology to build pressure on the eye. Some technologies can take over 60 seconds to accomplish this but at Topeka LASIK Center you will be very happy to know this process only takes around 10 seconds. The less amount of time that pressure is required to the eye the better so we invested in technology that delivers just that.

After the flap is created, Dr. F, will proceed with your treatment. Depending on the amount of treatment required most cases are under 1 minute. During this process you’re asked to focus on a blinking red light. Once treatment is completed your flap is then carefully repositioned back into place and we are done. Your eye has a natural suction that helps the flap stay in place until the healing process is complete.

After The Procedure

dr-florkowskiDr. F will examine your eyes under a microscope confirming your flap is perfectly aligned and everything looks great! He will place protective goggles on you that you will need to wear for the remainder of the day and for the following week anytime you sleep. This is to prevent you from accidentally touching or rubbing your eyes. Once Dr. F is done your counselor will then review your post-op instructions and drop regimen. They will also ensure that you have our after-hours number as we are available to our patients 24/7.

We ask that you take it easy the remainder of the day to allow time for your eye(s) to heal. Majority of patients can return to work the following day after we have seen you at your 1 day post-op appointment.

Days Following Your Procedure

Majority of patients are seeing very well the following day at their 1 day post-op appointment. Your vision will continue to fine tune itself and you’ll see things clearer and clearer over the next few days to weeks depending on which type of laser vision correction you had done. Even though you should quickly become very pleased with the results, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to follow our directions when it comes to medications and eye care in general. Post-operative care is a CRITICAL step in minimizing the risk of complications and your outcome.

After it is all said and done, we truly hope you had a wonderful experience at Topeka LASIK Center. We want nothing but the best for our patients and that’s why you’ll find we work very hard to go above and beyond your expectations. Thanks for choosing Topeka LASIK Center as your laser vision correction provider!